Ayurveda and Wellness

Ayurvedic Consultation and Wellness

Taking the benefits of it being located amidst nature, trying to follow the indigenous and healthy lifestyle, availability of the saatvik and natural food, Amrai Gram Stay has started offering Ayurvedic Consultation and Wellness services as well.

Physical & Mental Wellness Services

  • Expert guidance in yogasan, pranayam and dhyaan sadhana practices along with organising specific sessions for Tourists
  • Naadi-parikshan of the residential guests with the help of certified experts
  • Different types of walking trails viz forest trail, village walk, artisan trail, river trail, artisan trail, etc.
  • Counselling and education on healthy living according to ayurveda prescribed principles, as practiced in the gram stay as well
  • Participation in various physical work with artisans – pottery, bamboo weaving, jhaadoo making, along with helping the gram stay with a variety ofshram-daan, etc.
  • Visit to the campus herbal garden and discussion over some of the common herbal medicines
  • Serving the authentic local vegetarian cuisine,in an ayurvedic prescribed manner and cooked in traditional ways in low oil and spices

Ayurvedic Consultation and Treatment/Services

It offers professional ayurvedic consultation and treatment/services from certified experts.

Professionally certified expert, trained from Kerala for ayurvedic treatment offers a variety of ayurvedic treatment and services at our gram stay:

  • Nadiparikshan and ayurvedic consultation
  • Snehanam: Application of different types of oils in appropriate points of the body. Oils used include locally extractedtil and other medicated oils
  • Swedanam: Different types of hot fomentation – EkaangSwedanam, SarvaangSwedanam, ChurnaPindSwedanam, Patra PindSwedanam, Navara Swedaname.Swedanamwith medicated milk and tandula
  • Nasya: Application of oil in the nose with Swedanam
  • Vasti:Kati vasti, Greevavasti, Matravasti
  • Tarpan:Netra tarpan, sarvaang tarpan
  • Raktamokshan: Different types of blood-letting including leach therapy, cupping therapy etc.