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There are many temples of Vishnu Varaha around the world, but the special thing about the Lord Vishnu Varaha temple in Majhauli, located at a distance of 45 km from Jabalpur, is that the idol in this temple is of very large size. This statue is from the Kalchuri period. There is a legend about this statue found in the 11th century that a young man was fishing in a nearby pond and the statue was found there and the size of this statue was very small but with the passage of time this statue It grew bigger and now its size is quite large.

Katav Dham is the most sacred place of Majhauli region, which is visited by great sages, saints and mahatmas. It is also a philosophical place, in which during the rainy season, the lush green trees and plants and the charming glimpses of the river attract the philosophers and make their mind happy. Hui makes you happy. People come to Katav Dham from far and wide to visit Lord Shiva Temple, Shri Ram Sita Temple, Hanuman Temple, Mrignath Temple, Siddha Baba Temple. Here animals like monkeys, deer, peacock etc. come from the forest to drink water and roam around

Nahan Devi Temple is built in the middle of Hiran River in Jabalpur district. There is a huge rock in the middle of the Hiran River, which is worshiped as a goddess. You get to see small temples in this rock. When the river floods, these small temples get submerged and big rocks are seen which are worshiped by the people.

Roopnath dham is a center of archaeological importance and faith. This place is full of unique mysteries. There are different discussions about the three pools built one on top of the stones of the hill, the cave built between the huge stones and the inscriptions of Emperor Ashoka. Emperor Ashoka Maurya (Emperor Ashoka) of the mighty Indian Maurya dynasty is said to have stayed at Roopnath near Bahoriband, a small town in the district, till 232 BCE. Many useful inscriptions including his stay in Roopnath Dham and the construction done through him give evidence of his stay even today. Roopnath Dham has a Panchalingi Shiva idol, which is known as Roopnath. It is situated at one end of the Kymore Hills. Sita Kund at the bottom of the hill, Lakshman Kund in the middle and Lord Rama’s Kund at the top. According to the priests of Roopnath Dham, it is believed that Lord Bholenath went from here to Jageshwardham Bandakpur.

Itis a village in Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and an archaeological site with a complex of about 36 Hindu temple ruins. Of these, the small but important and ancient Kankali Devi Temple is in good condition, and is usually dated to about 400-425 CE.

It is a mesmerising experience to witness the marble rocks adjoining the graceful Narmada River in Bhedaghat, Jabalpur. These soaring white rocks, are known to magically change shapes as you sail along the river. Treat yourself with a boat ride on a moonlit night at the marble rocks when it shines like silver.