House Decorum

House Decorum – Do’s & Don’ts


  • Entry with prior booking, notice & permission
  • Support in keeping the campus ‘plastic-free’
  • Collecting all your waste & garbage material and taking it back with you
  • Parking only in the designated parking space
  • Self service
  • Maximum connection with nature and minimum use of modern gadgets and facilities
  • Be on time for meals and other activities
  • Taking care of your belongings yourself due to monkeys etc. in the campus


  • Smoking, drinking and other intoxication
  • Non-vegetarian food
  • No outside food
  • Loud music
  • Use of plastic-fibre-thermacol-polythene items
  • Entry without prior booking, notice & permission
  • Littering
  • Photoshoot, Video shoot, YouTubing without permission
  • Plucking fruits and flowers without permission and damaging trees
  • Entry into the water body
  • Anti-social activities